Put yourself on the map!

W1000Miles Globe.png

Let's find out where in the world where we all are!

This is a map of people doing #walk1000miles (many of whom you'll find in the Facebook group). You can add yourself too!
1) Drag and zoom the map (use the small + and – controls bottom right to zoom) so you can see roughly where you live

2) Click the large plus sign top right (On mobile, touch on the blue square with three horizontal lines on it. Then touch on '+ Add')

3) Enter your name and any details you're happy to be publicly viewable, including a photo if you wish by clicking on the 'Media' tab, then select a pin colour / shape from the drop-down menu

4) Enter your approximate location (for example village name) or click on 'Map select location' to drop your pin directly

5) Click on Preview to see how it will look (click the small 'x' to return to the edit window) then Submit when you're happy. Copy and save the url that you're offered if for any reason you think you might want to edit your pin in future