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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – walking brings out the nicest things in people, so we thought we’d try something big, warm and fuzzy this Christmas. A great big gift exchange, where #walk1000miles participants send and receive presents to and from people they don’t know, but with whom they know they share a love of walking… and silly experiments. NB - you must be signed up with #walk1000miles to be eligible take part.

How it works

1 You register by clicking the button below and filling in a few details like where you’d like your gift to be sent, and telling your unknown gifter any helpful likes & dislikes. 


2 On 28 November registration closes and pairs are randomly matched. Soon after, you’ll get an email from us giving you the details of your giftee. This will be a different person to the one sending you a gift.


3 Get thinking about your gift! It needn’t be expensive – it could be handmade – but the more personal it is to the recipient (you can find their posts in the group for ideas) the better. Send your gift to arrive by Christmas!

 4 Receive your gift. Post a photo and a word of thanks in the group! 

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Got a question? See below the form for our FAQs


Is this based completely on trust?

Yes! By registering you agree to send a gift to your allotted recipient, and someone else will have undertaken to send a gift to you. It only works if people do what they promise, but since we think people are almost 100% good we think it will. By taking part you must accept the small risk that you will send a gift but not receive one. But it’s the giving that really makes you happy.

Who will see my address?

Only the person assigned to be your gifter. If you don’t want to give your home address you can give your work address or opt for your gift to be sent to a local post office marked post restante.

How much do I need to spend?

There is no set amount, but making the gift relevant to a walker, and personal to that walker in particular, is more important than any financial value. Hand-made gifts are very much welcome.

Do I say who the gift is from?

No. Part of the fun of Secret Santa lies in not knowing who the gift is from. After receiving your gift, you can post a thank you note in the #walk1000miles Facebook group to your anonymous benefactor, and it’s then up to the sender if they want to identify themselves.