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Ruth and Ellie, resplendent in their medals!

Ruth and Ellie, resplendent in their medals!

2019 completer medals available to buy now!

Place a bet on yourself, and guarantee your end-of-challenge bling. Preorder your GOLD completers’ medal and choose to receive it as soon as we’re shipping, or when you’ve told us you’ve hit your 1000-miles, with no fear of missing out.

What you’ll get

A 60mm / 2.4in solid metal medal on a #walk1000miles orange-and-teal ribbon plus A6 certification card and congratulation message. Free delivery. (May cause envy.)

Watch us hand-deliver the first one!



1000-mile medals are shipping now.

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New for 20129 – 500-mile medals!

Hit 500 miles and you’re eligible for one of our brand new medals, whether that’s your halfway to 1000 or your challenge complete. Nothing puts the icing on the cake like your medal and certificate!

Stocks are limited so if you want one, order to secure it now. You can opt to have your medal delivered ASAP (deliveries start in May) or when you notify us you’ve finished.

Order 500-mile medal for ASAP delivery*



New! Patches

75mm • Iron- or sew-on

New 75mm patch for ironing- or sewing on to pack, jacket or sleeping bag. Free P&P.


Our lightest, comfiest cap ever!

Our brand new limited-edition #walk1000miles cap is washable, adjustable, and just so nice to wear. And at just 48 grammes it won’t heat you up or hold you back.

The black version is black as can be yet cool along with it – and it goes with anything.

Shield your eyes from the sun, preserve a bigger field of vision from under your hood in the rain, and wick sweat from your bonce when you’re working hard – the new #walk1000miles cap does all this and at an incredible 48g it’s our lightest and most wearable ever.

The cool grey version retains the black peak lining to reduce glare from reflected light.

It’s adjustable one-handed on the go, and thanks to the elasticated adjustment strap you can clamp it down securely and comfortably when it gets windy.

Available in limited quantities in either black or cool grey for £14.99 including free P&P (UK); £16.99 overseas. Payments are handled by PayPal but you don’t need an account to purchase – pay using your existing account or with your debit or credit card.

Feels so good you’ll live in it!

Feels so good you’ll live in it!

Fits all heads.

Fits all heads.

Stays on in the wind!

Stays on in the wind!


T-shirts graphic.jpg

Ellen Betts says hers is "Lovely and soft and a perfect fit", Kathy Cox's is "Very comfy to wear", and Pete Davies says "The quality is brilliant".

The new #walk1000miles tees are going down a storm and they're available in three versions and lots of colours. Choose from the standard cotton casual tee, light and baselayer-y Performance tee or lovely soft tri-blend women's v-neck. Click the t-shirts in the shop linked below to see the colour options for the different styles.


2019 #walk1000miles badges

The #walk1000miles badge is a magical thing – it marks you out to other 1000-milers and leads to chance meetings that are always exciting. It serves a reminder to you of your epic quest, and it becomes charged up with memories of the thousands of thing you’d never have seen or done if you weren’t out walking.

Highly coveted and something you’ll treasure (honestly!), you won’t have felt this excited about a badge since your sixth birthday!

The badge also gets you 15% off at any Cotswold and Snow+Rock store in the country!

NB – Payments are handled by PayPal but you do NOT need a PayPal account to buy. After confirming your desired quantity on Paypal's page and clicking 'Continue' click on the button pictured.

Please ensure the postal address is correct on your order - PayPal does store previous addresses.

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