#walk1000miles sub-groups

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Look for this symbol and / or a number that corresponds with our list below to know the sub-group is approved.

Look for this symbol and / or a number that corresponds with our list below to know the sub-group is approved.

#walk1000miles has grown enormously since its early days (there were still just 1000 Facebook members in 2016!) and while that’s brilliant it’s made the Facebook group sometimes hard to keep track of if you are particularly interested in one area or one thing.

In recent times sub-groups have sprung up and while we don't run these centrally, as far as possible we want you to be sure any sub-group you come across shares the same community standards and aspirations that have made the #walk1000miles such a happy place. Chiefly, these are tolerance, respect and encouragement. We also want you to know if a group suggests it has a link to the real #walk1000miles challenge or Country Walking, the magazine behind it, they are everything they appear to be.

So we've asked the owners of all sub-groups to sign up to an agreement of common standards. All those who have agreed appear with their official sub-group numbers in the list below. If you come across a sub-group which uses the name #walk1000miles, it should be displaying its number, which you can cross-check with the approved list here (this page's address is walk1000miles.co.uk/subgroups). 

We have reached out to the administrators of all #walk1000miles sub-groups, so if they don’t appear in this list we can’t vouch for them, their community standards or their intentions


I want to start a sub-group – what should I do?

Post in the main group and establish whether there is support for the idea. Consider also whether using the Events tab to create a meet-up or group-walk might be an easier and better way (we don't after all want to split the main group into a million fragments). 

If you do decide to create a group, once you've done it, fill in this sub-group agreement, drop sara.mattick@bauermedia.co.uk a line to let us know you have and make sure you implement everything in it. 

I’ve found a #walk1000miles sub-group not on this list. What now?

Please let us know by tagging Guy Procter and Sara Mattick in the main group.

If I join a sub-group should I leave the main group?

We would very much like you to stay! If you join a sub-group, add it to your shortcuts and you can then access it directly any time you like to see posts just about your area of special interest. If you are overwhelmed with posts from the main group, consider selecting 'Unfollow group' rather than leaving it, so you can still visit when you like.

I’ve completed the agreement but I haven’t received my group number?

Numbers will be issued during work hours – give us a couple of days.