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Day 117   Miles Walked : 429.68 (42.968%)   Miles Left : 570.32   Time Walked : 143 Hrs 11 Mins

What is Walk 1000 Miles? A New Year's resolution, Fitness Challenge, Fundraising Event, All 3 really! I have challenged myself to walk 1,000 miles in 2015, which works out at roughly 20 miles every week, this might not sound like a massive target but it is the "EVERY week" which is going to be hard. Just having the time to do it is probably going to be the biggest challenge, along with our lovely UK weather. My initial reasons for doing this are mainly health based, as a web developer I spend much too much of my time sitting at my mac, and though I love walking it gets hard sometimes to motivate yourself to put your boots on after a busy day in the office when it's pouring down outside and you just feel like hogging the sofa with a glass of wine, I'm hoping that by having this target I won't let the exercise slip.

Then I thought why not try raise some money at the same time. My mum was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2003, so I have seen first hand the effects this has on somebody's life, the restrictions it places on their personal freedom, constant pain, tiredness and mobility issues. At the moment there is no cure for Parkinson's which is a progressive illness, i.e the symptoms get worse over time.

Parkinson's UK - http://www.parkinsons.org.uk help by supporting people who have this debilitating condition & their families, as well as funding research in the search for a cure. I am hoping to raise as much as possible to help with this.

Please help by supporting Parkinson's UK using my JustGiving page

Kevin Moran


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Miles walked this month = 106.03

Target Monthly Miles=84

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Kevin Moran
North Yorkshire - UK.

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