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#walk1000miles is the free challenge for everyone, created by the UK's biggest-selling walkers' magazine Country Walking. It encourages you to walk about an hour a day to achieve an amazing total. Believe it or not, you can do it in your lunch hour.

Depending on how you put it, walking 1000 miles sounds like a towering achievement or a trivial effort. It’s enough to see you across the Gobi desert, yet 2.74 miles a day hardly seems worth writing home about. Both things are true. There’s nothing back-breaking or SAS-impressing about it, and yet it’s something only a vanishingly small proportion of the population can say they have done. And so only a few will be able to vouch for the fact that it will change your life. You may not think there’s much wrong with your life as it is (I didn’t). But after completing 1000 miles in 12 months I feel miles better than I have in a decade. Huge things happen by tiny increments after all. It’s just a question of doing it. 

It's honesty-based and you're free to walk wherever and however you like. Country Walking magazine and the challenge community centred around walk1000miles.co.uk are here to motivate, celebrate and to provide advice, as well as bring you free content and goodies with fantastic prizes from our partners. Sign up here now to get updates, exclusive content, competitions and discounts, and get ready to enjoy a life-changing year – one step at a time!

Welcome to the journey of your life!

Guy Procter, editor, Country Walking magazine, home of #walk1000miles.

Guy Procter, editor, Country Walking magazine, home of #walk1000miles.

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