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Best thing I ever did… no words, but THANK YOU!

— Linda Webb
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When I started I was 15st 4lb and walking three miles was hard work. Now I am weighing in at 11st 7lb and yesterday completed 21 miles with ease. Walking is the best medicine there is!
— Colin Turner

Gave me the inspiration and support to get back out and enjoy life again
— Emma Nelson
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I’ve grown in confidence with each mile.
— Ann Bolton

I feel happiest when I’m out walking with my family not on the sofa! Best challenge I’ve ever done
— Clair Maskell
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Walking + cake = maintain target weight!
— Rebecca Gabzdyl

I’ve gone from 3 milers at the start of the year, to doing a 26 mile Marathon Walk for charity 2 weeks ago. I’ve found places, paths and streams I never knew existed and my boundaries and horizons seem to stretch with every month. Loving it!
— Pete Winson
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My body shape has changed, I feel fitter and I feel I’ve taught my friends the benefit of walking – one who had been through an absolutely dreadful time loves to go walking now.. she said no matter how bad she feels she always feel better after a good walk and talk!
— Victoria Walsworth

This sums it up!
— Rachel Kirk
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Completely changed my life for the better
— Claire Louise