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An epic challenge of togetherness and energy in aid of a good cause, the buzz of The MoonWalk is something you'll never forget. And your preparation is perfectly motivated – and fitness gains sustained – by the year-long partner challenge of #walk1000miles. It's just 3 miles a day (or a little under an hour) to hit 1000 miles in 2019 starting this month, and you’ll enjoy the support of the friendliest community on the internet. 

Click on 'Get my supplement' on the magazine cover below to explore the free 64-page handbook explaining just why that might be the best thing you decide to do this year. Extraordinary stories of lives changed one step at a time await... (And you can sign up to #walk1000miles free here!)

‘Got me into walking and I’ve never looked back. This magazine will change your life. I’m not kidding’
— Susan Goldsmith
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