2019 completer medal preorders open now!

Place a bet on yourself, and guarantee your end-of-challenge bling. Preorder your GOLD completers’ medal and choose to receive it as soon as we’re shipping, or when you’ve told us you’ve hit your 1000-miles, with no fear of missing out.


Last year we underestimated demand and there was real disappointment that not everyone who wanted a medal could get one. This year we’re pre-selling medals so we have a much better idea of demand and can ensure stocks are sufficient. It also enables us to deliver medals earlier in the year, and offer the option of delivery close to your personal finish date.

What you’ll get

A 60mm / 2.4in solid metal medal on a #walk1000miles orange-and-teal ribbon plus A6 certification card and congratulation message. Free delivery. (May cause envy.)



*NB: Medals will be shipping from late Spring.



*Notify us when you complete by clicking here.


2019 #walk1000miles badges

The #walk1000miles badge is a magical thing – it marks you out to other 1000-milers and leads to chance meetings that are always exciting. It serves a reminder to you of your epic quest, and it becomes charged up with memories of the thousands of thing you’d never have seen or done if you weren’t out walking.

Highly coveted and something you’ll treasure (honestly!), you won’t have felt this excited about a badge since your sixth birthday!

The badge also gets you 15% off at any Cotswold and Snow+Rock store in the country!

NB – Payments are handled by PayPal but you do NOT need a PayPal account to buy. After confirming your desired quantity on Paypal's page and clicking 'Continue' click on the button pictured.

Please ensure the postal address is correct on your order - PayPal does store previous addresses.

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