Woohoo! Completer medals are shipping now!

The coveted all-metal, all-awesome acknowledgement of your all-conquering achievement is shipping now priced £7.50 including P&P.

60mm wide • 3mm thick • Unsuitable for mere mortals

Imagine crossing the imaginary finishing line at 1000 miles (or perhaps you already have) and having one of these placed over your head. It’s 60mm wide, 3mm thick and made of chunky metal with the various words and numerals in relief. It hangs by a jauntily-striped ribbon and bobs on your chest, which swells with pride. Country Walking can’t be there at your finish line (although we were at this one), much as we’d like to, and do the actual handing out. But we can offer you a permanent symbol of your wonderful achievement made manifest, with the limited-edition, never available before or since, #walk1000miles completer medal.


What you get

A medal, a message, a massive sense of pride and (on the reverse side) a certificate. Please allow about a week for delivery. We're going as fast as we can!

Medal with postcard.jpg

NB – Payments are handled by Paypal but you do NOT need a Paypal account to buy. After confirming your desired quantity on Paypal's page and clicking 'Continue', click on the button pictured to pay with debit or credit card, no account or sign-up required.

iron- or sew-on Patches – at last!

Sew one onto your sleeve; iron one onto your rucksack – wherever you attach your #walk1000miles patch it's a permanent reminder of an epic achievement. Use it to spur you on, use it to certify your completion – or use it as a hostage to fortune to make sure you really do finish, for shame of being asked again what that prominent patch is all about!

Each patch is 8cm across, features prominently relief-stitched '1000' and can be sewn- or ironed-on and the price includes post and packaging.


NB – Payments are handled by Paypal but you do NOT need a Paypal account to buy. After confirming your desired quantity on Paypal's page and clicking 'Continue' click on the button pictured.

Caps! and now they get you 15% off at cotswold too!

If the sun ever comes out again, this is the hat s/he will want to have on! Hip hip hip hooray!

Shield your eyes from glare, see better when you’ve got your hood up, keep sweat out of your eyes and keep your hair out of your face: there’s a lot to to be said for a cap in a by turns sunny, wet and windy British summer. Now you can proclaim your participation in the country’s greatest walking challenge at the same time with one our bespoke contour-covered, high-performance sports caps – available in limited quantities now. (Please allow 28 days for delivery, though we aim to do better.) People love them!

So comfy and perfect for a sunny day! — Amanda Humphries

Love my cap - going to get a lot of wear — Tasha Leigh-Willetts

Quick delivery, thank you! — Garry Stirr

Who’s a very happy walker? Me! — Michelle Martin

Plus now all caps qualify you for a 15% discount at Cotswold and Snow+Rock stores and online.


●      Lightweight wicking woven polyester on front and top provides natural sun protection

●      Drytech polyester mesh sides to keep your head cool

●      Adjustable snap buckle

●      Black underside of peak to reduce glare

●      Machine washable

Location FREE P&P

Free! Download your printable completer's certificate 

If you've walked 1000 miles we're sure you feel the reward in your sunny thoughts and your firm, brown legs. But just in case anyone in your social circle has failed to notice your achievement, here's a certificate you can print off, brandish in a prideful status photo and then stick up in the downstairs loo!

Click on the image to download a high-quality printable PDF of the certificate (2.7MB).

New for 2018 t-shirts

This year in casual cotton and Performance wicking ranges...

New challenge, new approach with this year’s t-shirts – this time softer, and available in a choice of cool, casual 65% Polyester, 35% ringspun combed cotton marl (£13.99), or made from wicking, odour-fighting 100% polyester AquaFX (look for the word PERFORMANCE in the description, £14.99). We’re also using a different printing technique called 'sublimation' this year which results in a softer garment with ink bonded to each fibre rather than stuck on top. That means designs which don't crack or cause sweating and offer great wash-fastness. It also results in a more 'favourite t-shirt' look from new with the designs looking more washed-in, blended-in and subtle. We love it – but please be aware this is a totally different look to last year. (NB – if you want a #walk1000miles logo that really pings, pick a t-shirt with just a small logo on the breast; we're using the traditional transfer method with these.) Oh, and this year you can add a badge or Ruff to your order at the same time as your t-shirt too (though only as a partner purchase – links to purchase badges and / or Ruffs on their own are (or in the case of the Ruffs, will be) lower down this page. In other good news, the t-shirts are cheaper than last year; P&P is £3.95 or free for orders over £50. 10 days delivery.

What people are saying about our new t-shirts!

2018 Ruffs: special price!

Versatile, stretchy and seamless microfibre neck tubes that keep you warm in the cold and cool in the warm, bearing the challenge logo with a background colour of zingy orange or berry burst purple. A pleasure to wear! (Dogs like to wear them too.) Please allow 28 days for delivery, though we aim to do better. Price: now just £5 delivered in the UK, and a bit more overseas. Please note: you can add a Ruff to your t-shirt order when you place it with our t-shirt supplier instead of ordering it here if you like.

Location FREE P&P


***SOLD OUT***

2018 #walk1000miles badge

A new generation of badgers is born!

#walk1000miles badges are a phenomenon: first launched in 2016 they quickly became an iconic symbol of participation in the biggest challenge in walking. They were the cause of many meetings between fellow 1000-milers both spontaneous and planned and they spawned the name ‘Badger’ for a co-adventurer in this great quest. They’re a constant source of pride and pleasure when you see them on your rucksack or find a previous year’s one in the back of your sock drawer. They’re about an inch and a half across, made of metal, they fade like a favourite pair of jeans, modestly-priced yet disproportionately precious. They get you 15% off in all Cotswold and Snow+Rock stores tYou WILL want one.

Please allow 28 days for delivery although we aim to do much better. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 12.32.38 PM.png

NB – Payments are handled by Paypal but you do NOT need a Paypal account to buy. After confirming your desired quantity on Paypal's page and clicking 'Continue' click on the button pictured.

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