‘I’ve found places, paths and streams I never remotely knew about and my boundaries and horizons seem to stretch with every month.’
— Pete Winson
Aug 16 cover perspective.png

Ready for the adventure?

Walking has an amazing ability to take you to wild places no other means of transport can, and to open your eyes to wonders wherever you are. Whether it’s your soon-to-be-regular lunch hour stomp, your first foray to climb a hill or an ambitious plan to gain some miles in terrain utterly unfamiliar, #walk1000miles will turbocharge your getting of wonderful new experiences. An appetite for adventure might be driving your desire to undertake this challenge or you might shrink at the thought of climbing a mountain. Either way #walk1000miles and its official magazine Country Walking are here to help you see more – to be more – in 2018. It's just one step in front of the other...