#WALK1000MILES + charity

Walking 1000 miles does you a power of good – but you can magnify that power many times over by adding a fund-raising dimension to your challenge. You might take on a fantastic challenge-within-challenge like one of the MoonWalks organised by our charity partner Walk the Walk or you might seek per-mile sponsorship for your 1000 miles. You might start putting your pocket change in a jar after every walk. However you choose to do it, charitable giving can extend and enlarge not only the enjoyment but the impact of your challenge – something that many find makes a great feeling even more memorable.

‘Doing The MoonWalk got me off my backside and doing proper exercise again – doing #walk1000miles inspired me to keep going. I love walking! It’s fun, it’s healthy, it de-stresses you!’
— Emma South, three-times MoonWalk completer, two-times #walk1000miles completer

Last year’s participants said…

Did raising money help motivate you to complete your 1000 miles?