2018 completer? print your completer certificate and clear a space on wall in the downstairs loo!

If you've walked 1000 miles we're sure you feel the reward in your sunny thoughts and your firm, brown legs. But just in case anyone in your social circle has failed to notice your achievement, here's a certificate you can print off, brandish in a prideful status photo and then stick up in the downstairs loo!

Click on the image to download a high-quality printable PDF of the certificate (2.7MB).


We hope you’ll feel as proud as Lydia! She says: “Today I reached my 1000th mile! It’s been an amazing journey and I had to change my goal due to illness earlier in the year but I finally did it! Without this challenge I’d never have booked a solo holiday to the Lakes, conquered a mountain or met the guy I’m seeing. It’s amazing what walking can do! Good luck to everyone still going, you’re all doing great!”