"Helped me enormously": why The MoonWalk & #walk1000miles are better together!

One epic night of togetherness and energy in aid of a good cause, the buzz of the MoonWalk is something you'll never forget. And your preparation is perfectly supported by the motivation – and your gains are sustained – by the year-long challenge of #walk1000miles, as these brilliant veterans of London 2018 discovered.


Caroline Pickering, Nottinghamshire

How did it go?

It was excellent! It always is.

What part did #walk1000miles play in how you did in the Moon Walk?

Helped enormously, kept me focused and motivated me at the times when focus had gone awol. The challenges go well together, running parallel. Both got me moving when, without I may not have done anything.

They work independently but the support you get from the challenge is amazing. I'll do both again.


Tracey Crampton, Tunbridge Wells

How did it go?

As great as previous years!

How well do you think doing a one-off big effort event and doing a little-and-often challenge like #walk1000miles go together?

They partner each other well especially for those that live in urban areas and need a reason to pound the streets. I loved building up my miles whilst training to push myself further each week.

#walk1000miles is one fabulous community who shows love and support whether you walk a couple of miles or ultra marathons.


Vanessa Humphries, Essex

How did you get into the challenges?

Me and my friend Michelle did the MoonWalk last year and fell in love with the challenges that walking can bring. That encouraged us to search for new challenges to keep us going throughout the year which is when we found #walk1000miles, and that's what it's done.

What part did #walk1000miles play in how you got on in the MoonWalk?

It meant  we were trained ready – and we met badgers on route which was great! We wore our 1000 mile badges with pride!

They go perfectly together. I love every minute of both of these challenges and I find the people taking part simply inspirational....

How it feels to finish the MoonWalk!

Moonwalk done. Personal best beaten. Happy but tired bunny!
— Sophie Allen
Sore feet but feeling fabulous :-)
— Rowland Williams
First moonwalk completed, I now have very sore feet with a couple of huge blisters and aching legs. I also have a happy heart knowing that I walked 26 tough miles to show support for my mum, cousin and friends mum who have all had to go through treatment for breast cancer.
— Sarah Johnson
Great night had by all adding a 26.2miles to our totals + a few more just getting to & from the event.
— Vanessa Humphries

Did you do the MoonWalk? Are you also doing #walk1000miles?