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Brand new Country Walking – a woodland walking wonderland!

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New Forest • National Forest • Atlantic oakwoods • Mindblowing mushrooms • Scotland’s Sahara • Rucksacks!

Britain’s on the verge of its most beautiful transformation as one by one trees give up the feat of strength that is staying green. It’s a magical time to go for a walk and with so much going on in the myriad forms of woodland that make up 13% of our landscape, the only way to travel is on foot!

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And did you know there are mushrooms that can eat rock?

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And that we have rainforests?


But of course we’re not always nose-to-the-ground in woods – look at these views from a mountain fit for a Bond villain!

368 Heading from Elidir Fawr towards Mynydd Perfedd North Wales Snowdonia Slate Quarries.jpg

And you won’t find peace, glorious peace anywhere like this!

266 Border between Windy Gyle and 'The Street' English Scotish Border Cheviot Hills.jpg

And there’s tons more including this

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And this

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And this

275 Hackley Bay Forvie NNR South of Little ColliestonEast Scotland.jpg

And lots of these


And some of this


And one of these

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And quite a few of these…

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