250 days left on Thursday! What does that mean for you?

The day the new issue of Country Walking hits the shelves (26 April) there are exactly 250 walking days left in 2018. Whoop! Wobble?


112 days gone already?! Aaaarrrggghhhhhhh!

Well just hang on a minute – however far behind the target you are, consider this: even if you'd done an average of just ONE mile a days since 1 Jan, you still only need to hit 3.55 miles a day average between now and New Year's Eve to hit the 1000 – that's scarcely more than if you'd walked 2 miles a day instead of one (3.10miles/day left to do). That's an hour's brisk walk or a smidge more for most. And don't forget you don't have to do it all in one go each day.

Don't forget either that though there are precocious people proclaiming high mileages in the Facebook group (and well done them!) by far the majority are bimbling around the 250-300-miles mark, there's plenty of time to go, and this isn't a race. Or if it is, the only other competitor in it is the old you. And we're willing to bet you're putting them to shame.

What's my daily target now?

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Need a boost?

500mile summer.png

If you're in need of a boost, you could join in with our new #500milesummer challenge and set yourself a target-within-a-target. There's more info and a new chart to record your miles in the May issue, but if you start counting on 1 May and aim for the astronomical end of summer (23 Sept) your target is a doable 3.42 miles a day. And won't that give your overall target a fillip.

Perhaps you know someone who missed out on the start of #walk1000miles, or were overawed by it, but who would relish a challenge nevertheless: if they started on 1 May, walked through summer but gave themselves the same end-of-the-year deadline as you, that's a friendly daily average target of 2.04 miles. And it's just as addictive once they start filling in their progress chart!

However you're doing, I hope you've seen some sights, heard some sounds, smelled some scents and felt some things you wouldn't have done but for walking more; I hope you feel there is a bit more to each day than there was before, and that there's more colour in your cheeks and in your thoughts; I hope your heart's going a beat or two slower, your sleep's a degree or two deeper, and your future feels a shade or two brighter. That's what winning at #walk1000miles looks like.