A message from Maria

Lest we forget what a huge difference walking can make in a million different ways, we thought it worth reproducing here a message posted in the Facebook group on 2 January by challenger Maria Barteczko, 44, from Derbyshire:

‘This time last year I joined the group when I was at my lowest point in years. Most days I thought more about how to die than how to live and I probably wouldn’t have made it through the month. I was so desperately lonely that I joined 1000 miles just to find someone to talk to online. How glad I am that I took that last desperate step forwards and found you all. When I opened up about my struggles at last not one of you judged me, instead I received countless messages of support and you threw me the lifeline I so desperately needed to start to live again. I’m not saying everything is perfect now or that I don’t have those crippling dark days ever, but you really did save my life and for that I just wanted to say THANK YOU.’
Maria Barteczko.jpg