'I never believed in love at first sight!' All together now: Ahhhh!

So said Guy – but that was before he met fellow 1000-miler Kathy. And he’s just popped the question… in the middle of Dartmoor!

Guy Brindle, 57 from Wadebridge and Kathryn Fisher, 48, from Weston-super-Mare met via the #walk1000miles Facebook group – and now they plan to marry. We spoke to each, separately, about the other….


What was your situation before you met?     

Guy: I was single and honestly not looking.

Kathy: Single and I expected to carry on being.


How did you connect?           

Guy: I offered to help Kathryn pick a route when she was planning a badger meet on Dartmoor. Then she came to Cornwall for a weekend break and I offered to show her a nice walk nearby.

Kathy: We started chatting through the group about the meet on Dartmoor, which we were looking forward to, and them was a last minute decision to escape Weston and visit my favourite area of the country. He offered to show me a walk.


 Tell us about your first meeting.

Kathy: I arrived in Bodmin on the Friday afternoon at a local B&B, and we had a little walk around Bodmin, just to get to know each other before the big 17.2 mile walk on the Saturday along the beautiful Camel Trail.  We hit it off from the start.

Guy: When we met, it wasn’t like strangers for the first time but as if we had known each other for years. It was like someone had flicked a switch.


How’s it gone since?

Guy: The walk was perfect, much longer walk than Kathryn had ever done. We talked, chatted and laughed. And it hasn’t stopped. For the last 7.5 weeks we’ve been in constant daily touch.

Kathy: It's going swimmingly well. The walk was amazing – we were in tune with each other on so many levels. We chatted and laughed as though we had known each other for years. I will always treasure that day. The chatting and laughing has never stopped. He has swept me off my feet.

What do you really like about the other?

Guy: I never believed in love at first sight, but Kathryn is my soulmate. I was out on a walk on the Camel Trail today and it just did not feel right without her being with me.

Kathy: He's kind, caring, respectful and very considerate.  He’s my Soulmate. What can I say, I never expect to fall in love when we first met. What a great time it's been!


How did you decide you had a future together?

Guy: After our very successful if very soggy, wind blown badger meet on Dartmoor, Kathy mentioned that she loved the idea of being married to me. The big grin on my face said it all – before we had cuddles and a big kiss to celebrate.

Kathy: It was just a big yes from both of us!

Congratulations guys!


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