Am I too late to start #walk1000miles? Not even close!

If you're thinking about signing up to #walk1000miles, have just started or know someone who feels like they've missed the boat for this year, you might be surprised to know how manageable your daily target miles are, even if you don't start until February, March or beyond...

Look at this chart:

Daily target.png

It shows that even if you hadn't walked a mile in January OR February you could still hit 1000 miles on New Year's Eve in under an hour a day.

So the answer to the question is an emphatic no. Besides, everyone has 12 months from the day they start. And if you were determined to start and finish in 2018, even if you started in April you can hit the required daily mileage in an hour of brisk walking. Today is the best day to start!

196 Path from Pontneddfechan to Sgwd yr Elra South Wales Brecon Beacons.JPG