Ask the expert - with Fujifilm

My pictures never look as interesting as the view I remember. Is there something simple and easy to remember things I can do to improve things? I walk in some lovely places!

— June Reynolds
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Hi June, this is not unusual. Indeed, it keeps landscape photographers coming back to their favourite locations for a lifetime. A camera is a tool to capture and create - the beauty of photography is that the camera doesn’t see in the same way as our eyes and it doesn’t feel like our hearts. It is your method of making the viewer “feel”. Try this: when you see something so amazing that you reach for your camera to capture it, just pause. Think to yourself, “What is it that I want to capture?” The view? The rainbow? The dew? The mist? This is now your subject. Eliminate by moving anything in the frame that isn’t the subject. Remember to mover the camera left/right, up/down, forwards/backwards to find the best angles. Look for good light at sunrise or sunset, hold the camera still and press the shutter the moment something wonderful happens. A nice exercise is to look a some landscape images that make you feel good and ask yourself 1) what about that photograph do I like and 2) how did the photographer take it?

Remember to pause before you press. Enjoy!