Ask the expert - with Fujifilm

I feel like I ought to be less reliant on ‘Auto’ mode on my camera but the idea of switching to manual scares me. Can I really do better than the camera can? In what circumstances and how should I begin ‘going it alone’?
— Colin Kennedy

In Auto mode, the camera will take a picture based on what it thinks you're trying to take a picture of.  It decides the aperture, shutter speed and ISO based on how much light there is with the main priority being to get a well exposed shot.  By taking the camera off Auto mode, you are able to be more creative and tell the camera specifically what effect you are trying to get, it opens up your photography skills further to produce your own unique images. It's more challenging but also more rewarding! 

Fujifilm’s top tips:

  • Make sure the shutter speed is faster than the focal length of your lens. This will make your images sharper!

  • Just experiment!

  • And practice!