Ask the expert with our Clothing Partner, Rohan


I don’t want to look like a bushcraft expert or gear-freak when I go walking. Is there such a thing as a normal-looking, normal-feeling shirt/upper layer that is suitable for walking in, ie wicking?


Rohan have a number of solutions for clothing that ‘fits in’ so you don’t feel like a branded billboard or that a pith helmet may complete your expedition look.

strata top.png

From simple technical tee’s like the women’s Strata Top at £45 which can be worn in the High Street or the hills but has hidden benefits – its UPF 40+ protective and because it has Dynamic Moisture Controls it wicks moisture away from the skin. An added bonus is its easy to wash and very fast drying so great to take on longer trips too.

The Men’s Sentry Shirt £75.00 is made in a technical seersucker designer to stand off the skin to keep cool and is both moisture wicking and insect repellent. It is equally at ease on the hills or in the city.

For plenty of low-key technically clever options please visit and claim 15% discount with your walk100miles discount code .