Built for COMFORT. Built for SPEED. And built to LAST.

Whatever you’re carrying on your #Walk1000Miles challenge, our partner brand has a range of rucksacks that can make your load lighter…


It’s the time of year when big dreams turn into big adventures. And whether you’re aiming to rack up those summer miles with a long-distance path, a trip to the hills or a long coastal hike, a big adventure places a few extra demands on your rucksack. If the weather is warm, you’re likely to be carrying your mid layers and waterproofs rather than wearing them. You’re also likely going to be carrying more water, be it in bottle or hydration system. Then there are the summer extras: sunscreen, sunhat, insect repellent; a microfibre towel for that spur-of-the-moment dip.

Happily, our friends at Deuter have a range of rucksacks that make any summer adventure a pleasure. Deuter are a German company and one of the leading backpack brands in the world, pioneering premium outdoor equipment for over 115 years. One of Deuter’s key focus areas is their back systems, which are specifically created to suit a range of different activities. So whatever your priorities are – comfort, lightness, speed, load distribution, ventilation, or a bit of everything – Deuter will have a range of rucksacks to suit your particular needs. Two of Deuter’s most popular ranges for walking are the Futura series and the new Trail series: two distinct collections, each with very different back systems. Take a look and see which one suits you…



A range of athletic hiking backpacks for easy hikes, using the Aircomfort back system. Deuter were the first brand to invent and patent this system, back in 1984, and it has been tested and proven over decades. It’s a suspended mesh back system combining lightness, flexibility and freedom of movement with maximum ventilation. At the heart of the Aircomfort system is its flexible-spring steel frame. It is extremely durable, provides stable tension for the airy back mesh and creates the ventilation space between the pack and the wearer’s back, allowing moist, warm air to dissipate. The result is up to 25% less perspiration, reducing circulatory stress and keeping you comfortable over the miles.



The new Trail series is designed for walkers who need a safe fit, close to the body, with good ventilation. These packs use the Aircontact back system, which brings the weight of the pack close to the body and therefore close to the centre of gravity. This results in full pack control and an effective load transfer, with no effect on your centre of gravity. The Aircontact cushions are made from special hollow-chamber foam that guarantees fantastic ventilation due to the pump effect of every movement. The result of this back system engineering is up to 15% less perspiration, combined with outstanding load transfer and a secure, perfectly balanced fit.



Deuter cater for everyone with their extensive range of packs, and both the Futura and Trail ranges come in a series of back lengths. Both ranges also come in SL versions: female specific packs, to fit those with a smaller back. It is likely that the women’s models will fit many male users perfectly well and vice versa.

Futura capacities: 22SL, 24, 24SL, 26, 26SL, 28, 28SL, 30, 34.

Trail capacities: 20SL, 22, 24SL, 26, 28SL, 30.


Whatever back system you choose, you will experience maximum comfort as you’re walking your 1000 miles. And thanks to those years of experience, you can expect your Deuter pack to last for a few thousand more, too…

You can read more about the different type of back systems here:


And shop the full range at deutergb.co.uk