New CW out this week – golden, gothic & geary!

The November edition of Britain's best-selling outdoors magazine is here to make your spine tingle!

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The new issue of Britain's best-selling walking magazine is a golden tribute to autumn walking, with a dark undertow of Halloween horror. Read it if you dare! 

Autumn is walkers' favourite season, and we've got dozens of step-by-steps routes to help readers discover the countryside at its radiant best. We've found the best places to walk in the woods, on the coast and in the hills; and you'll enjoy the best photography and features dedicated to making this autumn magically memorable. Decode beautiful autumn leaves! Spot cute seal pups! Hear bellowing stags! Find fairytale toadstools! Swish through a storybook woodland! Most of all seize the day – at this fairest, and most fleeting, time of year. 

Because something dark is on the horizon... and we've got walks to give you goosebumps this halloween. From encounters with dead highwaymen in the Peak District and real witches in the Pennines, to electrifying spectacles after dark, you'll never feel more spine-tinglingly alive than on a walk than this autumn with Country Walking as your guide!

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‘The best outdoors magazine bar none’
— Stuart Maconie, Ramblers President

‘This magazine will change your life – I’m not kidding’
— Subscriber Susan Goldsmith