Get more people outside more often!

OS GetOutside Champion - Georgina Jackson


In 2012 I can remember consciously making the decision to walk anywhere that was within a three mile radius (and within reason!). Since then, I have done a lot of walking. Everything from the deserts of Jordan’s Wadi Rum and the snow-capped mountains of Spain’s Picos de Europa, to the infamous Crib Goch path up Snowdon here in the U.K. and countless of the Lake District tops. But the most important one to me is always my humble daily commute. Walking my commute is what really first developed my love for walking. It’s a simple, easy, and effective way to get outside and get moving, giving me time and space to clear my head, as well as access to places and views that I would otherwise never have seen. In this sense, the Walk1000Miles campaign is brilliant as it gives people an achievable, measurable goal, and the support from the community is really something special. Whether the 1000 miles be purely boots on or whether it is all in; whether you’re a seasoned walker or just starting out, it helps to get more people outside more often, exploring, learning and connecting with each other and the great outdoors.