OS GetOutside Champion David Mellor and why he loves Walk 1000 Miles!

David Mellor.jpg

I’m David from the outdoor family blog Potty Adventures and a current Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champion.  I started walking as a 6-year-old, joining my mum and her rambling group on regular adventures.  My earliest memories involve being kitted out in a wax jacket heavy enough to keep my skinny little legs rooted to the ground in strong winds and being the group’s official bog depth tester.  Now, as a dad of two toddlers, I’m continuing that tradition (minus the wax jackets!) to ensure that my kids don’t add to the growing number of children who, according to statistics, spend up to 6 hours a day behind a screen and less time outside than a prisoner.  We completed our Walk 1000 Miles as a family – with our 2 and 4-year old - and encourage other families to walk by organising both family-friendly walks (including accessible walks) and adult-only hikes through our Facebook page and community group.  As much as I love traversing Crib Goch in my native North Wales, I get equal pleasure from seeing whole families walk together, forging bonds and making memories together.  That’s why I love the Walk 1000 Miles campaign.