Join the #walk500miles Facebook group

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Join our group for everyone doing #walk500miles – sibling of the world-conquering #walk1000miles. It’s a friendly and supportive resource, and much less hectic than the #walk1000miles group with its 30,000 members.

#walk500miles is not a competition – unless you count the one in which you're competing against your old self – but nor is it always a solitary activity. You can walk alone and share your musings, snaps and that song you got stuck in your head when you get back; you can walk with a friend human or canine and share some pics of that ridiculous face they pull when they sneeze; you can ask for help identifying a plant or an earthwork; arrange meet-ups or just offload some niggling night thoughts. 

One of the great things about walking, and this challenge, is that there's no 'right' way to do it – and the only idea we definitely have in common is that things get better through walking. So whether you're as fit as a flea and you want to share some crazy stats or these are your first gasping breaths off the sofa or the hospital bed and you just want to say "By 'eck! This is tough" your contribution is equally worthy and your presence equally delightful to us.

So do join what we're confident will be one of the nicest places on the internet, join in and feel the glee in this shared enterprise of ours – #walk500miles!

(PS – it's a closed group as we've found people feel more at ease when membership is vetted to exclude spammers and chancers, so your application to join may take a short time to approve.)