Join the group’s virtual mass walk on New Year's Eve!


Celebrate the climax of the year – and our shared optimism for 2019 – by joining a virtual mass walk at 11am and / or 4pm on New Year’s Eve.

Part of the joy and motivation of doing #walk1000miles is knowing you’re part of a collective endeavour. Wherever you are there’s someone somewhere sharing the same ups and downs of the journey – and you can rely on them to know just how it feels. Rarely will the feeling of sharing in something massive be so synchronised as on New Year’s Eve – when hundreds of 1000 milers will be walking a symbolic mile at 11am and / or 4pm (to accommodate different timezones) on 31 December.

Click the button below to join the virtual event, organised by group member Heather Peel, and enjoy the feeling of stepping out together, across the UK and beyond! Take a photo on your walk and share it in the Facebook group, and include the event hashtag so we can get a snapshot of 1000-milers in motion bidding farewell to 2018 and yee-hah to 2019!