MoonWalk blog 4: “I CAN do this... I think!“

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Gillian Beveridge is a prolific MoonWalker – having completed seven of the night-marathons run by #walk1000miles' charity partner Walk the Walk. This is her first year doing for her 1000 miles too – but being northerly-based it's been a question of breaking the ice... 

Number of miles walked so far (boots on):  249.6

Weeks til 1st MoonWalk of the year (London): 4!!

Scale of nerves and excitement for The MoonWalk London (from 1-10): 8

I believe those in the south have begun something called Spring, where temperatures have gone into double figures. Unfortunately, those of us in northern Scotland only just managed to walk on snow-free ground for the first time last week.

This month has been an insightful journey for me once again as I really focus on how walking affects me and my life.

Away from walking, I enjoy watching rugby, especially 6 Nations. I was invited down to Edinburgh to enjoy ‘super Saturday’ in a pub with a friend, so I knew I couldn’t go down without having another attempt at the Parkrun. Walk the Walk sister Anne Conrad jumped at the chance to put me through my paces once again. With a strong headwind on the way out and a wee snow shower on the way back, I managed to take 2 minutes off my last time so was very pleased with myself and enjoyed my afternoon in the pub watching rugby.

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With this confidence boost I needed to address the other main issue with my walking - my weight. My niece’s wedding takes place at the end of June and I cannot get my head into dress buying yet.

I know I’m getting fitter but I’m not losing the weight I had wanted to by this time of the year. I decided to go on a restricted diet for 2 weeks to kick start the weight loss and retrain my mind that I do not have to graze all day. As successful as the weight loss was (6lbs in 2 weeks) this had a massive impact on my walking abilities as I had very little energy.

We finally had another sunny Saturday, so after circuits I set out from home with a plan to do 15 miles. This was to be an in and back walk with a few add-ons. I got to mile 7 and knew there was no way I would manage 15, as my energy went and I struggled to continue. I pushed myself to mile 10 then went home for a much needed cuppa. Through the week I had an amazing talk with Jane at Walk the Walk – an amazing lady who I met last year and the one who put the idea of the Dublin and Disney challenges in my head. I confessed to her what I had done. She did not lecture me -  she knew that I knew where I had gone wrong. She buoyed me up, gave me walking and eating advice and made me feel like I can do this and I will achieve my 5 challenges and my #walk1000miles.

Gillian Around Dreggie with Lou (my aunt's dog) image 1.jpg

So we get to Bank Holiday weekend and again we face snow and freezing temperatures. I had Good Friday off, so decided to go for it and walk from my home to my parents’. This walk can be 17-20 miles depending on the loops I want to add when I get to my parents’ town. I was at the end of my 2-week restricted diet, but I had water and snacks with me for the walk. Off I set in Zero degrees Celsius weather. I was making good progress until 12 miles then again hit that wall and my head went. There was no turning back and I kept on going, arguing with myself for a few miles then pulled myself together and got to my parents’ home. 17.4 miles done.

The rest of the weekend was taken up with a fundraising event - not successful as it was freezing, and some traditional Easter egg rolling on the Sunday.

Gillian Around Dreggie with Lou (my aunt's dog) image 1.jpg

The weather has become warmer this weekend and I am hoping it’s here to stay now.

So this month I have really taken on board the importance of eating for energy and being aware how life events affect your ability and willingness to walk. I won’t bore you with details but I am also aware how your mind is so important when walking. A bad day can be make a walk a pleasure as it re-energises you, but it can also make a walk feel like torture.

Next week I have my 20 mile training walk with Anne, then it’s the final phase until 12th May and The MoonWalk London.

Happy Walking everyone and virtual hugs all round. We can do this and we will 👣❤️



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