OMG! Are the medals sold out?

Much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the weekend when it looked like supplies of #walk1000miles Completer Medals had run dry – right in the middle of completion season! But wait – it was all a dream!

Sold out.png

Well not quite a dream, but a computer error – and we’re pleased to say stocks of the #walk1000miles Completer Medals remain in fact healthy for now!


To be sure of bagging yours, order now. If you haven’t yet reached your 1000 (and there’s no reason why you should have!) just don’t open the packet. If the unthinkable happened and you didn’t reach the finish line we can promise you there will be a ready market for unbestowed medals!

If you ordered a medal to be held until you notify us you’ve completed, don’t forget to do it. Click the ‘Done it!’ button on the Shop page, or click here now to notify us of your momentous news!

How to make a grown woman jump around with excitement 🏅🤣🤣 Lucy Cooper.jpg