Add yourself to the map of #walk1000miles!

To add yourself to the map:

1) Click on the "additions" tab

2) Choose "add marker simple"

3) Complete the fields for:

Entry name (your name)

Location – this can be your street address, postcode or just your village name or a nearby town. Your street address will not be shown.

Add a photo (if you wish)

4) Choose a coloured marker

5) Click on submit.

On mobile, touch on the blue square with three horizontal lines on it. Then touch on 'Add+'

Need to edit your pin? Click on the pin to open its information balloon and then click on the pin's name. This will bring up an edit dialog that will allow you to make changes to your entry. You can also relocate, or remove the marker using one of the small icons to the right bottom of the information balloon.

What’s this for?

Purely for fun – to see how far and wide #walk1000miles reaches and (if you wish) to give you people near you to look for in the Facebook group.