Take the pledge! Download your declaration and go public

Iron-clad your ambition by going public – download and fill in your pledge and post a picture on your social media account. Now you're accountable!

Have you taken your pledge yet? You can download and print your own right now. It's a great way to underline your commitment, make it harder to quit when the devil on your shoulder is saying 'But it's raining!' and generally leave a hostage to fortune on your social media / kitchen wall / back of your office chair. 

Be sure to post it on your own Facebook wall / Twitter page as well as in the group to make sure your friends see it – you're much more likely to complete the challenge that way!

Besides that, we love to see them! And if you post your pic on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #walk1000miles you'll appear in our gallery on this page!

Click on the pic to download a printable PDF!