Answers to the Country Walking Pub Quiz 2018

Round 1: Higher or lower?

1 At 918 m Tryfan is 34m HIGHER than The Cobbler (884m)

2 At 868m Blencathra is 82m LOWER than Helvellyn (950m)

3 At 736m Ingleborough is 5m HIGHER than Suilven (731m)

4 At 4810m Mont Blanc is 832m LOWER than Elbrus (5642m)

5 At 320m Roseberry Topping is 85m LOWER than Helm Crag (405m)

6 At 2694m Half Dome is 1784m LOWER than the Matterhorn (4478m)

7 At 1085m Snowdon is 1m LOWER than Table Mountain

8 At 5895m Kilimanjaro is 1800m HIGHER than Kinabalu (4095m)

9 At 1344m Ben Nevis is 63m HIGHER than Vesuvius (1281m)

10 Answer: at 8848m Everest is 1938m LOWER than the Selenean Summit, the highest point on the moon.


Round 2: Which came first?

11 Gore-Tex. Julia was born one year later, in 1970.

12 Sir Chris, born 1934, pre-dates World War II by five years.

13 Snow Patrol (formed 1993) predate the Cairngorms National Park by a decade

14 The Snowdon Railway, which opened in 1896. It wasn’t until after the First World War that electricity began to find its way into homes. In 1920 only 6% of households had electricity and the national grid would not be formed until 1926.

15 The Pennine Way. It finally opened in complete form in 1965; Lez Zeppelin formed in 1968.


Round 3: True or false?

16 True. Of it he said: “It's a nice name for a little boy but it doesn't suit a man. I tried to keep it anonymous for a very long time. I failed in the end.”

17 False. He never set foot overseas. “I've never been on a ship or an aeroplane. I hate going south from Kendal.”

18 False. It’s the second. At 310m Loch Morar is 90m deeper.

19 False. Wainwright’s promise of a free pint expired in the nineties after costing hi an estimated £15,000 But you can claim a free half pint and certificate at the Border Hotel in Kirk Yetholm, courtesy of the Hadrian Border Brewery

20 True. Scotland has two National Parks, the Cairngorms and Loch Lomond & The Trossachs and the UK’s highest peak isn’t in either.


Round 4: General knowledge

21 Bassenthwaite Lake

22 Three National Parks cover 19.9% of Wales

23 Dunnet Head, 11 miles east of John o’Groats is 2.5 miles further north

24 The UK’s deadliest avalanche occurred in Lewes on 27 December 1836, killing eight.

25 At 630 miles the South West Coast Path is 362 miles longer than the Pennine Way






Bassenthwaite Lake

Coniston Water 



Ennerdale Water


Crummock Water

Esthwaite Water




Rydal Water