Read this out loud and you could win a Golden Badge

**UPDATE** The results are in and it’s wonderful:

Juliette Smart.jpg

Recite our poem to be in with a chance – #minichallenge20 is open to all!

We’d like to make a video of 1000-milers reciting what we’ve just decided is the Official Poem of #walk1000miles. And if the words sounds familiar it’s because it’s based on the stirring original by William Blake. We hope you’ll find it fun to do – in spite of being a little embarrassing. We don’t need you to be a professional voice-actor or to do anything fancy – we really do want your contribution. The text of the poem appears below, but if you click the pic you can download a printable version, complete with instructions.

Unusually for a #minichallenge, which are normally open only to readers of Country Walking, the official mag of #walk1000miles, #minichallenge20 is open to everyone – and there are four priceless Golden Badges to be won by submitters. 

Click the pic to download the poem

Just how good does my reading voice need to be?

This not good!