Boots at the ready for our spectacular ridge-walk special, and don't miss double golden badge month!

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Jarvis     • Bake-off           • Fairies               • Ridges               • Tennyson        • Trousers!

Ridges are the most exciting things in walking – giving mountains their good looks and hikers their most exciting and spectacular days out. Country Walking’s September issue brings you Britain’s very BEST ridges, whether you’re taking your first steps off the beaten track, or have a real appetite for adventure. From the Ridgeway to the Isle of Skye via Wainwright’s favourite walk in the Lake District; our date with a pop star in the Peak District, where to find fairies, the best walks in cake country (to coincide with the latest Bake Off), and from Alfred ‘Lord’ Tennyson to Jarvis ‘Pulp’ Cocker it all goes on in boots!

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The new issues’s in shops this Thursday 15th August and it’s a belter!

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