Slimming World & #walk1000miles: perfect partners

We polled #walk1000miles challengers also doing Slimming World to find out just how well they went together. The results speak for themselves! 

'It worked brilliantly – I'm fitter and healthier than I have been for years.'

Karen McLean, 53

Before and after: Karen McLean.

Before and after: Karen McLean.

I've been with Slimming World for 5 years now, and I was almost at target after losing a total of five stone when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Through my treatment, I gained a stone and a half. I was back on my Slimming World journey but had reached a plateau when my consultant mentioned the #walk1000miles challenge in group and I knew it was what I needed to reach target again. It worked brilliantly, combining healthy food and lots of regular exercise, leaving me feeling fitter and healthier than I have for many years.

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'#walk1000miles means I get my body magic awards easily'

Clare Purdy, 26

Before and after: Clare Purdy

Before and after: Clare Purdy

I started Slimming world (for the second time) after signing up for #walk1000miles 2016. After doing some longer distance walks and feeling like I was carrying more weight than i'd like to! I definitely haven't been the fastest 'loser' but I'm currently at 2 stone 3.5lb down taking the scenic route as that's what we do as walkers right? And well on my way to my 4 stone target loss! Walk1000miles meant I got my body magic awards easily without really needing to think about it and I definitely notice the weeks I walk less!

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'The support has been invaluable'

Fayona Bareham, 55

Fayona, before and after.

Fayona, before and after.

I became very unfit after a shoulder injury a few years ago and put on a lot of weight as I was in pain and unable to walk the hills in the beautiful area that I live in. As soon as I could I increased my walking and soon lost a stone, but I was still overweight and felt like a very poor role model as a nurse, so I joined Slimming World and #walk1000miles at the same time and I lost a further two stone! The support and inspiration from the 1000 miles Facebook group has been invaluable and really compliments the healthy eating and image therapy in Slimming World. It's a fantastic combination!

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'My partner says I'm getting younger all the time!'

Mandy Jones, 54

Before and after: Mandy Jones.

Before and after: Mandy Jones.

Wow my slimming story is about 35 years long, so I'll just go for the last chapter! When I joined Slimming World in May 2014 I was already a fairly regular walker. I have an active dog called Polly and she needs walks, but our normal weekday walks were a mile or two and at weekends I may just manage five, with a lot of complaining to my partner, and more worrying, with strong painkillers because my ankles hurt after a mile or two.

I'd battled with my weight all my adult weight, I'd lost weight before, but by the time I joined the local Slimming World, I was at my heaviest. It took my six weeks to lose my first stone and the same again to lose the next one. We had a holiday in North Yorkshire and I made it up Roseberry Topping – it was hard work, going uphill I forced myself to walk 50 steps between rest stops. Having always been someone who avoided hills, I was on the top of one and it felt great!

Towards the end of the year my interest in walking was growing, Slimming World encourages "body magic" and my exercise of choice was definitely walking, Polly was loving it too! I started buying Country Walking mag and spotted the #walk1000 mile challenge and decided to give it a go. My expectations were not high, so I used a Fitbit and counted every step. I also set myself a goal to walk up Snowdon! In March 2015, 10 months after joining Slimming World, I hit my target – I'd lost 4.5 stone, my BMI was "normal" and my regular daily walks were now 4 miles before work – Polly was thrilled, and for me, no more painkillers for aching ankles!

In May 2015, the weekend of my 53rd birthday and a year after I joined Slimming World, my partner & I ( and Polly of course) walked up Snowdon, it was breathtaking in more ways than one, but felt like such a huge achievement! Keeping weight off is a whole new challenge after reaching target, and #walk1000 is definitely playing a big part in that, I'm now 18 months at target, walking about 40 miles a week (I'm only counting boot walks this year). Oh and after Snowdon, I needed other challenges so I did a skydive in Sept 2015, and Europe's longest Zipwire in April this year. Next up is the Cotswold Way 100k in July! My partner says I'm getting younger all the time, and now I'm usually the one suggesting the long Sunday walks! I'd definitely recommend Slimming World and #walk1000miles as the perfect combination for healthy weight loss and maintenance!

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'No longer a diet – a lifestyle change!'

Sue Goldsmith, 59


I joined slimming world 10th Aug 2015 and so far I've lost over 4.5 stones. I started walking at first just to get the body magic stickers, but I found I enjoyed it and while I was walking I wasn't eating – win-win! I bought my first CW mag May June last year and liked the sound of the 1000 miles challenge, so I signed up. It has really spurred me on to walk more and even go on a walking holiday – which I loved. The walking has helped with toning all muscles which can be a problem with slimming, and in fact the weeks the weight loss isn't as good as I thought it should be are usually the weeks I notice a reduction in size. The walking also helps with my mood. I'm happy to say I'm now close to my target weight – and this is no longer a diet it is a lifestyle change!

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