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With boot brands it’s often ‘common knowledge’ the certain brands have a certain fit, and you should avoid [x]-brand if you have wide feet (for example). Is there a ‘house style’ in terms of fit between different brands of rucksacks or is it possible to adjust any rucksack to fit any back?

The correct fitting of a pack is second only to getting the right fit on your boots, but, from a Deuter perspective we would consider it to be as equally important.  An uncomfortable pack can ruin your trip or outdoor experience, so you need to get it right. 

Deuter has been building packs for over 120 years and over time we have honed our levels of comfort and fit to accommodate a wide range of fitting options.  We won’t fit everyone, but our innovative designs and adjustments get us close. 


The back length of a pack plays a major role in fit and comfort, in the same way that shoe size does. Differing body shapes can be accommodated using different techniques in the design of the shoulder straps, hip belts and back systems These techniques vary across brands and in Deuter’s case there are well defined parameters around these, based on the intended end use of the pack.

Due to these differences it may be that one style of pack may not be the ideal fit for a customer where a pack from another activity category will be perfect. The key to a good fitting technical pack starts with the correct back length.

We would always advise trying a pack on with a sensible amount of weight in under the direction of a well-trained member of staff who can offer the best advice to ensure you get the best fit possible.

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