The spirit of #walk1000miles!

It is a fundamental principle of #walk1000miles that People Are Lovely, and we’re delighted to find the fact embodied in the many acts of kindness large and small we in the Facebook group each week. We intend to celebrate that more with the occasional, and inevitably rather random, award of a Spirit of #walk1000miles virtual sticker.

Linda Davies copy.jpg

Today’s sticker goes to 1000-mile veteran Linda Davies, left, who connected with new-to-walking Katie Walters, right, to help get her campaign off to a great start. Says Katie:

“I met Linda through the Facebook group after she noticed I was in her area. We’ve been on two walks now and it’s been lovely. I’m new to walking so she’s been guiding me through a lot of things and showing me routes and introducing her walking friends. I’m so thankful I found 1000miles it’s helped me get out everyday which I wasn’t doing before.”

Commented Linda after their first 4.5-miler. “I hope that it’s the first of many walks!”

That the spirit of #walk1000miles Linda!

James Clapton.jpg

The previous recipient of the Sprit sticker was James Clapton who, after mistakenly ordering two 2018 completer medals, instead of claiming the refund to which he was entitled, gave one to someone else in the group, Sarah Small, who really couldn't have got one any other way.

Said Sarah: “Just wanted to thank a wonderfully kind member of this group, thank you James Clapton for my medal, it arrived in the post a couple of days ago! If it wasn’t for you, I would have not been able to get one as I unfortunately am struggling financially at present! It has meant the world to me that, there are still kind people in the world and really does restore my faith in humanity. Thank you sooo much!!”

• If you see someone being lovely, do tag @guyprocter so we can do this more!