The top 10 #walk1000miles group posts of 2017

9 Have you joined the Facebook group?.png

5479 times a day in 2017, every day, someone liked something they saw in the #walk1000miles Facebook group

It's an extraordinary testament to an extraordinarily friendly and fertile group of walkers – exchanging experiences, local expertise, triumphs and, yes, occasionally tragedies. It's been the crucible for hundreds of new friendships. It's been a joy to be a part of – even if the sheer volume of posts has meant we've missed a few updates about our friends' new shoes, office parties and school art projects. Shame.

Among the 2 million likes and interactions, these 10 posts attracted more than most – and if you're new to the group they give a pretty representative primer to the Friendliest Facebook Group on the Planet. Click the pics to see the original post.

1 - Michelle's weight loss hit a remarkable 9 stone through healthy eating and walking 1000 miles! 

2 'Well that's possibly the most awesome & memorable walk I've ever done' said Caroline whose very brave journey this year we have been humbled to share

3 Jenny met him off the telly and was only marginally flustered!

4 Louise asked if she could see your dog. Turns out you didn't mind at all

5 This is what 70 miles in under 24 hours looks like, eek!

6 Zezel has every right to feel proud of himself!


7 Rob's 12 months sober!


8 Susan's first selfie came at the climax of a great story

9 Snowdon vs DiDi – the pic that summed up the indomitable spirit of the 1000-miler

10 'Believe in walking' urged Jay – and how could we not?