Top 10 posts of the month

What's been making waves in the Friendliest Facebook Group on the Planet this month! (Click the pics to see the posts.)

10 'Thanks for all the love displayed for our wedding day!' 

9 One amazing birthday cake for a walker, one amazing daughter!

8 'Heidi and I have got engaged. We went up Great Gable to my favourite place the Westmoreland Cairn I proposed to her and she said yes. We are both so happy to have found each other'

7 Cutest pup ever? Meet Buddy

6 'Hard work but worth the effort' – bang on Jen!

5 Bluebells in the pouring rain – and WHAT bluebells!

4 'From breathless walking on a beach to 30+ miles in 2 days up & down mountains... 7st lighter ... what a journey so far ... walking has completely changed my life'

3 It's a boy! And it's Janet's first grandchild

2 DD gives his beautiful daughter away – and still gets his 7 miles in!

1 Stonehenge by Jay from his epic road trip (about which there's more in the new issue)