VIDEO: Win a digital detox break in the Lakes – take the screens down, socks up pledge!

We spend about a DAY A WEEK peering at our mobile screens, on average. Time we weaned ourselves off, with the the help of #walk1000miles partner Bridgedale’s great new campaign – screens down, #socksup!

Bridgedale are challenging us all to get back to the “Little things that matter” which will enhance our health and wellbeing by launching their ‘ScreensDown SocksUp’ campaign, which aims to encourage us all to give up some of our screen time and win it back for the Great Outdoors.


Gary Turk, an award-winning writer, performer and filmmaker who became an internet sensation following the global success of his ‘Look Up’ video which has to date attracted over 600 million views worldwide is the Brand Ambassador and voice of the campaign.

Gary’s a passionate believer in finding a better screen / real life balance, and the message is irresistible. So watch the video above, take the pledge and see what a difference it can make!