Reserve your 500-mile medal now


Whether you're hitting your first 500 this summer or just beginning the quest, there's no better favour you can do for your health and happiness. And yes you do deserve a medal!

Your body is its own doctor. Use it as it’s adapted to perform best and it will repay you with the finest private medical care money can’t buy. Study after study confirms, walking outdoors for about an hour a day is the optimum contribution you can make to your health and happiness. And that’s just about how long it takes to walk an incredible 500 miles – seven times longer than Hadrian’s Wall – this summer.

Against diabetes, arthritis, stroke, obesity, depression and more, there is no more potent panacea than walking, and with the friendly spur of your 500 mile target – and the medal that awaits the worthy – you’ll be amazed how far you can go. Already closing in on this target as part of your #walk1000miles? Iron-clad your determination and reward yourself on a job well done, with our first ever 500-mile medal.

Stocks are limited so if you want one, preorder in the shop to secure it now. You can opt to have your medal delivered ASAP or when you notify us you’ve finished.