Who will you thank with a scrummy new pair of Bridgedale socks?

Nothing is quite as touching as a friend at your door bearing a brand new pair of socks in your size and a message of thanks – for some good deed, forgotten favour or just in celebration of your friendship. Now thanks to our brilliant #walk1000miles sock partner Bridgedale we’re making it a reality many times over!

These are our first four recipients – nominate who you’d like to thank and if you get picked we’ll send both your friend AND you a pair of Bridgedale WoolFusion Trekker socks in your respective sizes!

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previous winners


‘Infectious, wonderful’

‘Mairi Vodden is always there to encourage a good walk, 'come on, let’s get outside, we can do it' and a suggestion of tea and cake at the end! Mairi is infectious with her humour, wonderful personality and has recommended #1000 miles to several people!’ – Michele Smith, Surrey

‘A tireless organiser’

John Kelsall is the captain of our Jolly Boyz walking group who over the last 12 years has led us on a monthly walk across the Midlands, Cotswolds, Peaks and Black Country. He is tireless in creating walking events not to miss and talked about ever after. Hurrah to the Captain!’ – David Feakes, Birmingham

John (in hat) was nominated by Dave (in blue).

John (in hat) was nominated by Dave (in blue).

‘My beautiful daughter’

‘My husband is registered blind and I thought I wouldn’t be able to do this challenge. But Catherine who qualified as an outdoor activities leader has helped me and given me the confidence to walk on my own and I love her!’ – Clare Lindfield, Southampton

‘Means so much’

‘I lost my job that I absolutely loved two years ago and with it my sense of purpose. Ali and I used to walk each lunch time but even though I am no longer at work she rings or emails every week with the day for us to walk and we love it. It means so much to me I still have the contact and friendship to carry on walking.’ – Shirley Chapman, Taunton


'A lot can happen in 12 months'

Andy Nixon from Chester-le-Street wanted to thank Claire O’Sullivan...

"Claire introduced me to fellwalking in November 2017 and walking with her and her friends at Gateshead Civic Walking Club has opened a whole new future full of friendship and a great quality of life. In December I finally climbed Loughrigg fell - 37 years after first seeing it and wanting to get to the top. This November we’re off to Everest basecamp - a lot can happen in 12 months when someone inspires you!”

Steph Marlow in green thanks  Loyise in purple.jpg

‘Life changed beyond recognition’

Steph Marlow from Peterborough (left) wanted to thank Louise Johnson (right)...

“My friend Louise picked up a copy of Country Walking in the doctors surgery. She texted me to say hey have you heard of this challenge #walk1000miles. Within an hour I bought the magazine, signed up and my life has been changed beyond recognition. Thank you Louise!”

‘Heulwen is that star’

Lesley Jones from Carmarthen (left) wanted to thank Heulwen (right)...


“After joining our walking group The Jelly Babies Heulwen has become a dear, dear friend. We share the sunrises together by text wherever we may be and the sunsets at the end of the day. Friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you know they are there. Heulwen is that star.”

‘The great things walking does!’

Sarah Garman from Kendal (left) wanted to thank Bryony (right).


“Bryony and I were friends at university and have only vaguely stayed in touch since leaving seven years ago. A couple of weeks ago she spotted I was hoping to walk 1000 miles this year for charity and thought it was such a good idea she'd do it too! Not just that but she donated to my charity, got in touch and we've caught up a lot in the last few weeks! I'm even sending her my spare tracker! So now we're both walking 1000 miles for charity and have rekindled the friendship. The great things that walking does!”

Have you got someone to thank?

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