Help us find Britain's WORST nature photographs – and win one of 5 fantastic Olympus action cameras

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Do you love to photograph nature on your walks but usually fail? Are you eager to capture that magnificent bird of prey only to manage a barely-discernible brown speck? Do dragonflies wait just long enough for you to capture the background in perfect focus? Would you die of embarrassment showing your footage of a fox in morning mist to David Attenborough? Do you specialise in just missing the moment? 

We want to see the evidence. Because we feel your pain, because we think it's healthy to laugh at our frailties, and frankly because no-one would benefit more from an action-ready camera like the Olympus TG Tracker (RRP £279.99) than you. We've got five to give away, so dig into your deleted folder and pick out your most disappointing photo or clip now!

About the prizes

Tackle the mountain, show the wave you've got what it takes, give the slope what it's asking for … Tough enough for any challenge, the TG-Tracker is a robust, easy to handle action camera that brings you brilliant movies and stills in the harshest conditions. 4K movie, powerful image processor, 5-axis image stabilisation and an ultra-wide angle lens are just some of the capabilities that will help you capture the action. The TG-Tracker delivers exceptional movie performance without complex controls, so you can concentrate on capturing the experience. How tough? How about shockproof from 2.1 metres, crushproof to a weight of 100kg, dustproof, freezeproof down to ‑10°C and waterproof down to 30 metres.

How to enter

Upload your photo or video clip using the form below. Tell us a bit about what you were going for, and what went wrong. We'll put all eligible entries into a draw to win. You've got until 31 October to enter, but we'll be drawing a first round of winners in August.

PS – we thank Mark Richards for the crummy photo that led to this, and which appears as the first pic above, of which Mark said: "A stunning photo of the two beautiful deer that crossed the path in front of me at the top of the woods – about 10 seconds before I finally managed to open my camera app."