‘My children have embraced this challenge with such commitment. They’ve been my inspiration! They have been involved the whole way in my adventure – the fabulous views, new places, fitness – and the lows (getting lost and adding miles extra onto walks, the rain) but not once have they complained. Bring on next year!’
— Sally Davies

Howdy, partners!

Millions of kids see their mums and dads using step-counters and achieving incredible things like 10,000 steps (equivalent to five miles for an average person) in a day. Wow! They would love to achieve such a feat one day. But here's the thing. They can. Easily. In fact research shows that 6-11 year old kids do about 10,000-15,000 steps on a school day; adolescents do 10,000-11,700. They CAN be brilliant co-adventurers in your quest to reach 1000 miles. It WILL build better relationships and brighter memories. And they WILL be tired at the end of the day. The thing is to get them motivated and keep them that way. Which #walk1000miles has a funny knack of doing. Get them their own progress chart (free with the issues of Country Walking out 7 December and 4 Jan), incentivise their milestones and watch your family flourish.