Here's to Kristie (every parent will relate)

‘Proud mum post!!!!’ wrote 1000-miler Karen Hayes in the Facebook group, and we had to share. Why? Because it’s a story as old as the hills, and one that will touch every parent engaged in a decade-long battle to get their darling child into walking…

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Karen wrote: “My daughter Kristie was an anti-walking child (her - "Do I have to come for a walk", Me - "Yes, the fresh air and exercise are good for you, its family bonding time, and quite importantly for cash strapped parents, it's free, unlike most other childhood activities").
She turned into an anti-walking teenager, (Her - "mum, don't book the holiday hotel more than 10 mins from the beach/shops/nearest hunky boy, I can't POSSIBLY walk that far"! Me - “It's nice to have a meander/mooch/walk when on holiday". Of course as an older teen, she just flatly refused. 
However, a few years ago she started, a little reluctantly at first, walking with me when our days off coincided. 2 Christmases ago she asked for walking boots as a present. And today, my daughter hiked her first mountain, Pen y Fan!”

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Well done Kristie! Well done Karen!