We took pictures in the rain and against all odds... it was fun!

We spent the day with 1000-milers trying out #walk1000miles’ Photography Partner Fujifiim’s powerful, compact new X-T30 camera…


Walkers will happily plough through periods of inclement weather because it’s all part of the day’s adventure, but to be faced with incessant rain from the get-go, AND be tasked with taking photos? That would test the morale of a mere mortal. But when it comes to mortals there’s nothing mere about 1000-milers, particularly when a light, powerful camera is put in their hands.

Such is the new Fujifilm X-T30. Smaller and lighter than a traditional SLR thanks to its mirrorless design, and capable of shooting images to put any phone to shame thanks to its gigantic sensor, it’s the perfect partner for walkers for whom coming home with framable-quality photos is part of the pleasure of the hike. And if we could do it on the worst weather days of summer ever, imagine what it could do on a day when you’re lucky enough to stay dry and see views!

Watch out for more #walk1000miles photo walks in the future!