Ascent Jacket £189 – Reliable. Dependable. Adaptable

These are the sort of qualities which describe a good walking companion - so why not apply them to your choice of jacket?

Our Ascent Jacket combines all these benefits and more besides.

It's constructed using our advanced Barricade™ technology in a 2-layer construction with a rugged polyamide face fabric and a mesh liner combining breathability with fully waterproof protection – even in challenging, humid conditions. The outer fabric is treated with Durable Water Repellency™ to ensure that water beads up on the surface of the fabric and stops it wetting out. This is really important because breathable fabrics rely on a humidity differential to work. Moisture vapour transmission is highest when it’s warm and humid on the inside and cold and dry on the outside – if the surface of the fabric is wet, then breathability is inhibited. Our DWR™ treatment ensures that doesn’t happen.

The Ascent jacket features two large hand pockets which are situated high enough to clear most rucksack hip belts. The zip toggles feature a tactile rubbery coating which makes the toggle really easy to locate and use, even if you're wearing winter gloves. The zip itself lives behind a substantial storm-flap, folded over to keep the elements out and secured with a sturdy popper.

There are two internal pockets: one is inside the storm-flap but outside the main zip and doubles as Packpocket™. Not only can you pack the jacket in it for convenience when you travel, it's large enough to take an OS map. There’s a second internal chest pocket inside the main zip and both are mesh-lined to maximize breathability.

We've given the lower arms, elbows and shoulders tough abrasion resistant panelling to protect the fabric from rucksack straps and general wear and tear.

The hood is adjustable, providing a snug fit with unimpeded visibility. The peak is stiffened and wired for extra protection and the whole thing rolls away neatly into the microfibre-lined collar.
Adjustable cuffs and a draw cord at the hem allow you to fine-tune the fit and adjust the ventilation to suit the conditions.

The definitive shell for the keen hill-walker and outdoor enthusiast. With understated good looks and no-nonsense style, it’s perfect for general use too. If you only want one waterproof to cover all your needs, this is the one to go for.