Microgrid/Microrib Stowaway Fleece £70 – cosy, comfy, lightweight

Cosy, comfortable and surprisingly light in weight, our Microrib Stowaway Jacket is the perfect warm layering piece for chilly days on the hill or around town.

W_Microgrid_Stowaway_jkt_Stretch_bags_ 3 73pc.jpg

It’s made from our advanced Microrib fleece which takes advantage of sophisticated ‘needle-out’ knitting techniques to create a rib pattern on the surface of the fabric. These ribs give the jacket an attractive textured appearance but they also bring with them a host of technical benefits.

They make the whole jacket lighter. They also make it considerably more breathable, much quicker drying and far more packable.

The construction also gives it a certain amount of natural stretch which offers unrestricted freedom of movement and a comfortable easy fit.

The jacket features two zipped hand pockets and an inside Packpocket™ into which the jacket packs for convenient stowage.