Quick Q&A: 'We might fail at airport security but not #walk1000miles!'

61-year-old Terry Dukes from Breasclete, Isle of Lewis, has just completed his 1000 miles aboard a brand new knee and says if ‘Meccano man’ can do it…


What mileage are you on right now?


What’s your #walk1000miles story?

I took the challenge in 2017 but midway through I was told ‘That’s it – your knee’s shot’. I had a total replacement which derailed progress. As soon as I could though I tried walking again and set my goal to 500 miles, which I achieved on New Year’s Eve. This year again I undertook the 1000 mile challenge – and conquered it on 7th September. It’s not been easy, but by pushing the new knee slowly it got easier.

Can you tell us about a low point, and a turning point?

Being told my knee needed replacing in May 2017 was the low point. But two weeks post op I walked 100 metres on crutches and decided that I would complete 500 miles.

How has doing #walk1000miles helped?


It gave me something to attach my determination to. Now I’m two stone lighter, and having to have extra holes made in my belts! My knee is getting stronger every mile.

What has been your happiest walking memory so far?

Being able to distance walk without pain. Now I’m getting ready to tackle The 77-mile Great Glen Way in the next month.

How does it feel to be part of the #walk1000miles community?

It’s great – lots of meaningful support, whatever the situation.

What would you say to someone who may identify with your situation?

It’s YOUR challenge, your measure of success is that you are doing it, not what someone else has done. It’s not a race; you and your new piece of Meccano will succeed. Each step is a step further, than the person sitting on the couch. We might fail airport security but NOT at #walk1000miles!