'I have so much more confidence, more vitality and energy: walking is the answer!'

Lesley Tanney, 56, from Ashington in Northumberland say the weight fled and the self-confidence surged after she started #walk1000miles. Thanks for the inspiration Lesley!


I started slimming world this time last year after an uncomfortable holiday in Tenerife. I could hardly walk any distance without my thighs rubbing together and really hurting. Then I signed up for this challenge last December, started it on 1st January.

As I got slimmer, I could walk further; because I was walking further, I lost weight; because I lost weight I could walk faster... and so it continued until I reached my goal weight back in May – 2 stone 9.5lb gone! But the walking continues!

Before, I didn't look like "me", didn't feel like "me". I had lost a lot of confidence and felt so unfit. And did I mention my thighs rubbed together?!


It feels amazing to have made the progress I have. I have so much more confidence, more vitality and energy. I'm also happier and more positive which is important for my family too, especially my long suffering hubby!

If I could give anyone in my position a tip at the beginning of their journey it would be… Think of the thighs! And the whole new wardrobe you'll be able to buy! And more seriously, walking is the answer! Have a problem? Go for a walk and think about it. Feeling down? Walk! Tired? Walk! Just eaten 2 bags of crisps? Walk! Fast!